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Jack Miller Magic Enterprises


Michelle Zakraysek


New Store Front

Office Building_edited.jpg

New Manufacturing Facility

It all started on a Christmas morning way back in the 1930's.  A young Jack Miller found his first magic set under the tree.  That was the beginning of a love

affair with Magic and Illusion that continued for the rest of Jack's life.  Jack was a Magician, Magic Trick Manufacturer and Magic Store owner.  He was always

trying to dream up the next great magic effect.                                                                                            Michelle Zakraysek started making magic tricks for Jack as a teenager in Syracuse, NY around 1976.  After Jack passed away Michelle became the owner of Jack Miller Magic.  She packed up the business and moved it to Concord, NC and continued to manufacturer the effects to Jack's standards until her untimely death on September 15th, 2020.  She died in her sleep in the home that she built.  Both Jack and Michelle did a great job manufacturing these specialized High Quality Magic Effects.  Both of them will be deeply missed in the Magic Community.

My name is Chuck Hayes and I have acquired all manufacturing and sales rights to the Jack Miller Magic Enterprise on April 8th 2021 from the Family of Michelle Zakraysek.  It was in the fall of 1979 when I purchased my first Magic venture which was called MCM Magic that for a time was located in downtown Albany, NY.  MCM Magic was owned by Jack Miller,

Bob Carroll and Peter Monticup.  It's kind a ironic that I am now the owner of another Jack Miller business 42 years after my first Jack Miller opportunity.  I am humbled and honored to be the person picked to

carry on Jack Miller and Michelle Zakraysek's legacies.

The Jack Miller Magic Enterprises workshop, manufacturing facility, and store front has moved back to New York State just outside Port Jefferson Station, NY.  Myself along with some family members and close friends are now manufacturing some of Magics Highest Quality magic effects known to man and magicians.. 

Our goal is to produce high quality magic tricks that

live up to the high standards set by Jack Miller himself. 

Our customers are magic stores and magic distributors.  Retail sales are available to individuals.  As a small manufacturer we are now the sole worldwide supplier of the complete line of Jack Miller's High Quality Magic Products. 


Jack Miller Magic Enterprises is a division of

Chuck Hayes Magic Productions.


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