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Jack Miller Magic

Jack Miller Magic manufacturers and sells many High Quality specialized custom Magic Effects for Magic Distributors, Magic Stores, Magicians.  Our paper line includes custom production coils (known as mouth coils), Top Hat Surprise paper tears, Birthday Hat Surprise paper tears,  Halloween Candy Corn Pumpkin Surprise paper tears and Christmas Hat Surprise paper tears.

Our High Quality plastic line includes Custom Hot Rods, Gem Busters, Slip Off Spots, Flash Rods, Crosstown, Jamboree Jewels, along with pocket size Magic Wands.  All of our products are still manufactured the same way they were manufactured many many years ago.  They have the look and feel of a Professional Magic piece of equipment.  Something that you will be proud to own and perform.

If your favorite Magic store does not carry our products, just ask them to contact us.

Jack Miller Magic Enterprises is a Division of

Chuck Hayes Magic Productions

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