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A black acrylic rod is shown with 2 Diamonds and a Red Ruby gemstone, then the fun begins.  The Red Ruby and Diamonds continually change places with each other!  First to the middle and then to the other end and so on.  A very baffling effect!  Rod can be examined at the end of the routine.


Suggested 6 phase routine.

1. A Red Ruby is shown between 2 diamonds on both side of the black rod.

2. You shake the rod and the ruby is now above the diamonds.

3. Squeeze the center diamonds. The red ruby is back in its place.

4. Pull down on the red ruby, its now at the bottom.

5. Flick the bottom of the black rod and the red ruby is back in the middle again.

6. Slide the red ruby on one side to the top and leave the other ruby in the middle.


The Mystic Ruby

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