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Package includes 12 black tissue paper Top Hats with folded white tissue paper rabbit inside, 12 Black square tissue papers, 12 White square tissue papers, 12 black and white tissue paper coils.  The black and white tissues are torn together and crumpled into a ball.  The paper ball is switched for a palmed bundle.  Unfold the bundle to reveal a paper Top Hat.  Reach into the Top Hat and pull outa long black and white tissue paper chain.  At the end of the chain is a attached white rabbit.

Top Hat Surprise

  • A black tissue and a white tissue are displayed and torn into pieces. Crumpled into a ball.  Upon onening the ball there is now a Black Top Hat.  Upon opening the Top Hat there is now a chain of black and white paper coil.  At the end of the coil is a Surprise Whilte Tissue Rabbit!   Great Effect.   Easy to perform

  • As with any Magic effect you are purchasing the "Secret"  No returns or refunds available on secrets.  Should there be a workmanship problem we will replace the item.

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